Wednesday, February 22, 2012

things that make me smile ~ 2.22.12

1. having a bag of peanut butter break & bake cookies in my freezer.  
so much handier than having to mix up a whole batch.  :)

2. goats milk soap.  
especially something with lavender or chamomile fragrance. 
this one is lavender & frankincense.  mmmm...

3. this tutorial for how to do "beachy waves" with a flat iron instead of curling iron.
now when i go on a trip, that's one less thing i need to pack.  
not that i'm usually too worried about packing light.  

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 4. making my man laugh out loud at work upon receiving my e-mail containing this t-shirt.
this just totally seems like a Nick comment, don't ya think?

orange love!
5. anything the color orange.
i think these towels should to come live in my kitchen.
so happy.  :)

6. homemade yogurt with honey.
i like making it in my crock pot, as in this tutorial.
so good!

7. casual dresses
i plan on sewing many in the next couple months and living the entire summer in them.
1.8 down (i'm nearly done with the second one), several more to go.

8. my sister, Alicia
then again, all of my siblings are pretty awesome.

9. how my boys want to be just like the love of my life.  
anything of Nick's they find around the house, they will wear.
hats, gloves, shoes, hoodie...
"look!  me daddy!"

10.  being sure that upon death i will be in the presence of my Lord and Savior!

p.s. not sure if you are saved from your sins and Hell?  take a few minutes and read these words from a very wise man, Charles H Spurgeon, about having assurance of your salvation.  Be sure!  it's to important to just assume.  (hugs!)

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  1. Love lists like this! Your hair looks really pretty all "beachy"! ;o) I've attempted something similar but I believe I have too wide of a straightener. Do you have a link/tutorial you are going off of for those dresses, or just "winging" it? They are super cute!


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