Thursday, February 9, 2012

pouf pies

so i really am unsure of what to call these.  

they are similar to a pie in content, but the adorable little round shape really takes it in a different direction than a normal deep dish.  

so, by no real logic other than the giddiness of my brain, i shall call them pouf pies.  they are a cute and fun little treat to serve the ones you love.  it's really quite simple...

cut circles out of a pie crust...

top with traditional pie fillings...

or some less traditional toppings...

seal it shut with another circle and top with a little sugar.  bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes

all i can say is... yum!

business info: 
~ role your crusts nice and thin to get a light texture ~
~ the best way to get your top crust to stick is by brushing on a little water ~
~ beat the sugar and vanilla into the cream cheese ~
~ again, a little water will help the sugar stick to the top ~
~ i used cinnomon & sugar on the apple pies ~
~ i used homemade vanilla sugar on the strawberry pies ~

because of the cream cheese, my strawberry pies kind of goobered a little bit.  
but, that's ok, cuz they still taste just as good!

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