Thursday, February 23, 2012

plumbers and penguins

had an issue with a basement drain today.  ended up with my washing machine emptying it's self all over my laundry room floor.  and i have an amazing husband (with a super understanding boss) who spent a long lunch break cleaning it up while i made lunch, fed boys, cleaned boys and put boys into bed for nap time (in which no naps were taken).

while it wasn't fun, i wouldn't say that it ruined my day.  these things happen and who gave me the right to throw a hissy fit when the unpredictable happens?  no, i think it better to consider it a trial like in the book of James.  maybe the mess was for no other reason than to teach me patience and remind me of how thankful i am for my darling husband.

the boys found the 2 inch flood quite fascinating, not really understanding the problem with water all over the basement floor.  in fact, they were super excited about the plumber coming over, and even though i kept them upstairs & out of the way, whenever 1 of 2 gentlemen plumbers would pass through the living room, Isaac would bombard him with introductions, including ages, questions about tools, the mess, or what they were going to do about it.  oh, are they going to be excited when the plumber is back tomorrow to fit the sump pump and finish up.

after all that craziness, i found myself back on track with a normal day of little boy fun.  there was even an impromptu penguin procession from the basement to the bedroom.  i managed to catch a few seconds on my phone.  notice the tiny steps and little wings.  so very penguin-esque!

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