Wednesday, February 15, 2012

going green... and blue

remember our rice in a tub from last week?  it's still a big hit, but i thought i would give it a little twist today.

what brought on this burst of color?

well, i was flipping though my pinterest folder entitled "the boys" where i pin all kind of ideas for things i want to do or make for sons.  which is where i found this idea...


so i clicked on over to the blog and read how she did it.  

well, i was missing 2 of the 5 things... rubbing alcohol and a warm sunny day.  so, a little substituting and it turned our great!

rainbow rice
place 2 cups of uncooked rice in a large ziplock. combine 2 T. vodka (which i had leftover from homemade vanilla) with 20 drops food coloring and pour into bag with rice.  seal it shut and toss the rice so that the color spreads throughout, then pour into 9x13 pan and place in a 170 degree oven for 30 minutes (stir 1/2 way).  let the rice cool and combine it in your large tub.

i kept it to blues and greens.  i enjoy a limited color pallet from time to time and want my boys to appreciate using less colors and more shades to make something cool looking.  (we are in the stage where painting or coloring usually ends up a giant blob of brown do to mixing every color available).

now the dinos have some "grass" to play in, rather than "hay"

p.s. i prefered using vodka and food coloring rather than the rubbing alcohol & liquid water colors recommended, as my rice is completely food safe.  so, if my toddler spends a half hour playing in the rice tub & then starts sucking his thumb, i don't have to worry about nasty stuff ending up in his guts.    just one less thing to think about.

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  1. So fun!! I've dyed pasta noodles using this method (like ziti or penne) to make some colorful beads for stringing (except it was the rubbing alcohol w/ food coloring). I think I've got this idea "pinned" too, but have yet to attempt a whole tub of rice.


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