Thursday, February 2, 2012

embrace the camera

yep, me and my Isaac again.  Christian was napping and Isaac and I were having a nice calm moment.  

he's getting so big, and it's amazingly fun to see his mind growing as well.

since before Isaac could understand english, Nick and I have been talking to him about God and the gospel.  at this age, he very much understands what sin is and knows enough to be able to tell me that Jesus died on the cross to pay for sins.  

recently, he's been asking lots of questions.  i can see his little mind start to comprehend things.  things like how heaven and hell are real places, how God loves us so much, yet there are consequences for our sins.  

as he gets older, his questions have been getting more and more in depth.  and i've been somewhat thrown for a loop in how to answer his questions in a way he will understand.  not that the gospel is a high and lofty thing; no, the good news of salvation is clearly something that is offered to everyone and elementary enough anyone can understand it.  yet we know that the Lord God is not a simple God, but a great and deep and complexly amazing God!  so every answer, no matter how simple it is, leads to more questions.  

and all these questions make me hopeful.  

only the Father knows if my son will choose to trust in Jesus Christ for the salvation of his soul.  I pray that it will happen and, Lord willing, that it will be at a young age.  

so until the day that i am no longer able, i will answer his questions... 
and brace myself for the dozen that will surely follow!


  1. Just visiting from the link UP! fun to see pics of you boy!


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