Thursday, February 16, 2012

argyle sweatshirt

i sometimes check in over at project run & play, a blog similar to the show Project Runway, except with moms sewing for their kids.  i've gotten some great inspiration for boys clothes over the past round and on one visit i came across this idea.

super cute!  i was gung ho about making one for my Isaac.  but Melly makes her sweatshirt from scratch, and that was more work than i was willing to put into it.  

however, i remembered a sweatshirt i had in the basement in Isaac's size.  it was from my first attempt at freezer paper stencils, which was a fail.  i ended up buying a new sweatshirt and making it over again.  

 Johanna's Christmas gift (sweatshirt #2)
note: i used this tutorial for freezer paper stencils, and it was a good tutorial, i think i just wasn't paying enough attention.  however, i also learned that it doesn't work to layer freezer paper stencils, so if i did it again, i would free hand a lot more of this project. 

fail (sweatshirt #1)

so, i decided to try and salvage my $10 sweatshirt and sew over it!  this is also a great idea for hiding rips (would love to do little argyle patches on the knees of jeans!) or stains and spots that you can't get out in the laundry.  and those of us with kids have plenty of clothes they "ruin" before they grow out of them.  so, let's just cover up our mistakes and pretend we have it all together, shall we?

i dug though my bin of old clothes and my basket of scraps and found three fabrics that went well.  i picked fabrics that had a little stretch to them so that they would move with the sweatshirt and be a little more forgiving during cutting and sewing.  

i cut out a pattern for my diamonds on paper.  nothing scientific, just kind of eyeballed it.  then i traced it onto my scraps with a fabric marker (which washes out completely) and cut out several diamonds in each color.
this is my bird that i wanted to cover.  you can't really tell in this picture, but my stencil didn't adhere all that well, so the paint bled out.  the other bird was really blochy looking.  

now just layer your diamonds to cover your "blemishes".  stitch around each diamond and then make a big X over the top.  

it helps when working with knits to go slow and pick up your presser foot occasionally to let the fabric bounce back.  this helps prevent the stretched out craziness that sometimes appears when sewing with knits.

you would never know was hiding something under there.  

and just to make it look like it was all on purpose a little more interesting, i added a bunch to the back as well. 

an awesome sweatshirt for an awesome (and silly) little man!

p.s. i would have loved to add diamonds to the elbows, but that would have ment splitting open the sleeves and sewing them shut again, which i was not keen to doing at the time.  this project was easy to do throughout my day as i had time and ended up getting completed before supper.  
oh, and Isaac is showing off our new rhythm sticks.  we had so much fun using them during an impromptu dance party upon their arrival. 


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