Friday, January 20, 2012

want to hear a joke?

my Isaac typically loves going to any and every church event.  but for some reason, every week he says he does not want to go to cubbies (for those who don't know, cubbies is part of the Awana program at our church where the kids memorize verses, sing songs, hear a Bible lesson, and play games).  i'm having trouble figuring out why.  

it was just the two of us headed to church this week since Nick was spending some one on one time with Christian.  i thought i would help get him excited to go with a fun spiky hair-do and helped him learn a joke to tell his teacher.  we had tons of laughs while he figured it out and learned to tell the joke with no help.  i think the night was a success.  :)

and just in case you needed a laugh...


  1. thank you for this it made us laugh we had to watch it a couple of times


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