Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my boys

   for some reason my boys express their love through things they like.  the more they like something, the more they love you.  even knowing that, this conversation might not make sense to you.  but i found it too funny not to share.

Isaac: "Christian, i love you with a dinosaur!"
Christian: "Isaac, me love you with a tiger and an elephant!"
Isaac: "Christian, i love you with good things like a dinosaur.  why... why... why... why do you love me with bad things like a tiger?"
Mommy: "Isaac, tigers aren't bad."
Isaac: "oh.  are they difficult?"

Christian has entered the bartering stage.  every time mommy or daddy tell him anything, his response is, "how bout dis... (enter new suggestion that works in his favor)"

lately, my boys have no desire to change into pajamas in the evenings and even less desire to change out of them in the morning.  however, Isaac is also slightly obsessed with his orange lizard t-shirt and his blue athletic shorts.  yes, he knows it is cold outside.  

we now have a new system for toys where they only have out about a forth of the toys at one time.   yet they still manage to trash the basement in a matter of minutes.  

Christian recently had a bad case of diaper rash and decided that using the toilet was a better option.  his rash went away.  he is no longer interested in using the toilet.  sigh...

i realized this morning that whenever Christian spills, his exclaim is, "oh, buddy!"  i think he picked this up from his momma, who says this in response to the many spills and messes that i come across everyday.

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