Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mini "rules" that keep me sane

this afternoon i read this post by Hayley Morgan.  i've never heard of her before and have only viewed this blog a handful of times.  but the post was an encouragement today.  she talked about the "mini rules" that help her function as a mommy of 3 boys while staying sane.  all the little things that make the day run smoother.  

as she puts it, "It is important to look at your day and realize what brings you stress, what makes your temperature rise, what makes your blood boil. Try to examine those moments and see how you could make it less fussy."

i realized that i have some of these "rules" as well.  here are a few

- mommy doesn't do video games.  you want to play video games, you ask daddy.  

- if you carried it out to the car, you carry it back in the house.

- no markers.  period.  not even washable markers.  and i'm not sorry.

while these rules might make me a stick in the mud, i'm not about to toss them aside.  i would rather be a sometimes-boring-but-peaceful momma, than a try-to-do-everything-and-go-crazy momma.  

some of the insanity at our house

for some odd reason, this idea reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman.  i know that if you read proverbs 31, you might at first be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of things she seems to accomplish.  but when you really look, she doesn't drive her family mad trying to do it all.  yes, she works hard, and takes advantage of many opportunities.  but look at the first couple verses...

Proverbs 31:10- 12
"An excellent wife, who can find?
          For her worth is far above jewels.
The heart of her husband trusts in her,
          And he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good and not evil
          All the days of her life."

it seems to me that a house that is full of stress or a wife who is exhausted from trying to do it all doesn't fit with this section of scripture.  and it's good to take note that these verses come before all the work that she does, so we should consider those in light of this.  

what are little things that you can let go of (slash outlaw) in order to make your home more peaceful?  how can you honor God and your family better by doing less?  maybe cereal for breakfast.  maybe playing in the yard instead of packing up and heading to the park.  maybe packing up or giving away some toys to help control the mess.  

whatever you cut out, make sure they are things that give you the ability to serve your family and the Lord better.  and praise God when the day does run a little smoother!

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