Monday, January 23, 2012

a long day...

... and it's only 3:30.

that is not a gripe.  that is just how i feel at the moment.  i have spent the day in many ways.

i have cleaned our bedroom, including under our bed.  this only happens maybe once a year??

i have worked on laundry.  though, said laundry may or may not currently be piled on our bed in an unfold heap.

i have fed my family two meals and several snacks.  i have 2 growing boys.  they eat. a. lot.

i have gone though several trials with my oldest son.  while my Lord has blessed me with patience to talk to him and discipline him according to his actions, it has been truly exhausting.

i have spent a little time reading of a family's adoption journey.  more and more i feel my heart being tugged in that direction, but currently God has shut doors for us.  we wait for when He opens them, hopefully with a little more direction as to how to pursue this.

i have hopped my way around Psalms and Proverbs, looking at various chapters and verses and finding great comfort in the words of my Sustainer.  allow me to share one i especially loved...

i found 2 words written here in my Bible.

next to the first half of the verse i have "seek".  when i seek, i am giving "attention to the word" by reading what is in there.  i find good in what my Father has said.  i find good in that everything in there is wise and will help me have a good day when i implement that wisdom.

next to the second half of the verse i have "ask".  when i ask through prayer, i will find myself giving things over to my God and trusting Him to take care with them.  and great blessing always follows giving it over to Him.  joy and peace replace concern and stress, because He is a great and mighty God, perfect in every ways.  and so much more capable than i am.  so why wouldn't i ask Him to take over for me?  He will do what is best.

it has been a long day.  but it has been a good day.

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