Monday, January 30, 2012

folding and fitting

i've been running into a dilemma lately.  see, my boys are growing.  and, as such, their clothes are getting bigger.  our duplex isn't getting any bigger.  especially the closets.  thus, my dilemma is when all the clothes are clean they do not all fit in the drawers.  not very motivating to stay on top of the laundry (after all, my laundry room is bigger than the boys entire bedroom and i have a big, wonderful shelving unit that can hold several baskets of dirty clothes).  so, i have been fighting what feels like an ongoing battle.  

until, i recently stumbled across a post on organizing made fun where she explained a trick for folding clothes as to fit more into less space.  i can't find her post talking about it, so i'll show you myself.  


    lay shirt face down                                fold arms in


    fold bottom up                                       fold in 1/2

that little change in how i fold shirts turned a certain little boys' draws from this...

(a mess due to daily digging for a favorite orange lizard t-shirt)

to this! 

that is the same amount of clothes, simply folded our new way and stood on end.  and there is no more digging, now that he can see everything without even touching it.

now all of the clothes fit in the drawers, even when the laundry is clean.  :)

funniest part is, whenever Isaac helps me fold clothes, this is how he has always wanted his shirts folded.  i guess he knew what he was talking about and momma just had to catch up.  :)

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