Thursday, January 26, 2012

embrace the camera & happenings

today i decided to take part in "embrace the camera"

my friend ( who i know via her blog) Marie, has been doing this as long as i have been reading her blog.  and today i thought i would do the same.  because i always want my family to remember how much i love them and the fun that we have had together.

and with my boys, taking pictures on my iphone is always a fun event.  :)  i think it's because they can see themselves as we are clicking away and once we have a couple dozen, they can flip through them all with the touch screen.  oh, the fun of technology!  it kind of amazes me at the resources my kids  have available to them from such a young age.  a blessing that will have to be closely monitored.  :)

last night was Awana skate night, which Nick and Isaac attended.  this year was great fun, especially considering last year Isaac just got frustrated with the skates and in tears was asking to leave almost right away.  Nick claims he has filled his skating quota for a lifetime (a skater, my husband is not).  but he loves his boys so much, i'm sure next year he will be right back in the rink.  

today was the boys first visits to the dentist.  Isaac got some of the normal stuff done (the x-ray film made him gag, so they skipped that).  Christian got an exam and an x-ray of his 2 front teeth (about 3 weeks ago he fell off of a step stool and is still complaining about his teeth hurting) and everything checked out great.  

Isaac wearing some awesome glasses, since the light was so bright.  

tonight i have a girl thing, so it will be Nick and the boys at home.  i think i will grab a strawberry rhubarb pie  out of the freezer and bake it for my honey to have to himself (ok, Christian the mooch will probably beg a few bites).  

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  1. Love the pics of you and your little man. My girls (especially my 2 year old) loves to see herself, too! Makes for some fun pics!

    Glad all went well with the dentist!

    Stopping by from Embrace the Camera.


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