Thursday, January 12, 2012

corralling the boots & post-its

because we are currently house shopping, i try to avoid buying anything for this little duplex.  that being said, every so often i get a wild hair that causes me to rethink the placement of every piece of furniture and try rearranging again to see if i can make this home a bit more functional/pretty/organized.  sometimes it works and other times i end up putting everything back the following day.  

not only that, but i find it a lot of fun to move things around and change it all up.  it gives me a chance to vacuum under big pieces that don't normally get moved, like the piano and couch.  it's also a good time to swap out different decor (since i'm not a seasonal decor type of gal) and make a new pretty or two.  and every once in a while i really hit on something good that makes the function of our little duplex so much easier, that i wonder why i didn't think of it when we first moved in a year and a half ago.  

my latest twist?  a mud nook and an office station.

i could go into a long list of why i love a good back porch / mud room and all the reasons i think everyone should have one.  but i will limit myself and simply state that, as a mother, i have found winter weather makes the shoe situation most difficult.  so here is my solution...

tada!  right by the back door i now have a shoe station!  it's nothing fancy, simply a couple of old orange crates stacked up with a basket and a bucket on top to catch winter hats and gloves.  and the extra kitchen chair is handy in case you need a place to sit.  

now i have a place for wet boots to hang out until they are dry and can be put away in the boys' shoe baskets in their room.  

don't you just love little cowboy boots?  i think they are one of my favorite things.  :)

and right next to it we now have a little office station.  while the printer is still in the basement, due to it's infrequent use, i have collected all the little things here with some other often used items.  

on the one shelf i keep my house binder, my binder of favorite recipes, a couple other books & an old silverware tray with makers, pens, pencils, scissors & tape.  

on top i have my ipod speaker (fun for random dance parties with my boys) and an old cola crate.  we also set the laptop on here when we are using the table for food or school or other messy activities.  

and just in case you were wondering how i divided things in that crate... top left - envelopes, address labels & blank note cards (i find it's a lot easier to drop someone a note if i have cute little cards handy); bottom left - post-its, stapler, rubber bands and paper clips; top right - paint chip cards (cuz you never know when you need a tiny piece of bright colorful paper), gospel tracks, ear buds & ipod/phone charger; bottom right - a cubby for my hubby to put his keys, phone and wallet when he's home, as well as put his other misc items and all of his receipts until he has time to sort through them (or develops such a large collection that i dump them in a box and set them on his night stand).

already i have found these 2 little stations to be very helpful with the function of my everyday life.  but hey, if the house hunt stays slow i could end up rearranging everything again in a month or 2.  you never know.  

i'm slowly trying to train myself to be more organized.  got any great tips you want to share with me?  esp regarding bedrooms, as that is my next re-arrangement to tackle!  maybe i will do a before and after.  then again, maybe just the after, if you know what i mean.  wouldn't want to scare anybody away.  ;)

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