Wednesday, January 18, 2012

break & bake cookies

no store bought cookie beats a homemade cookie.  like, ever.  but, i have from time to time in the past, found myself checking out at the grocery store with tube of prepackaged dough in my shopping cart.  
how easy is it to simply heat up the oven, throw the cheater dough in and TADA!  10 minutes and you've got fresh, warm, almost like homemade.

well, now it's just a easy. 
i can make my dough ahead and have fantastic warm, fresh, & homemade cookies whenever i want.
and rather than keep my dough in the fridge, where i have to worry about using it up before the eggs become questionable, i have found a great little trick for freezing the dough & still having it handy.

all i did was put my cookie dough into a freezer safe baggy & press a ruler lightly across the top in a grid.

breaking off a few squares is a cinch.  

don't worry about their shape, you won't end up with square cookies.  

see?  nice and round. 

mmm...  so much easier to have a homemade cookie.  
(and gluten free for me!)

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