Thursday, December 22, 2011


we have a book about trucks.  well, probably a few dozen books about trucks.  but this one in particular is the one i'm talking about.

it was a hand me down that the boys really love to look at. 

it pictures all different kinds of trucks and other machinery, dumping them into categories by type and listing them out for you to read.  and for some reason, every time this book is pulled out, my 2 boys feel the need to dibbs them and decide which truck belongs to who.  i have no idea why.  

so today, i decided, "why not?"

we took the book downstairs to our printer/copier, fed some card stock in the back and hit the start button.  

after a few minutes with the scissors, we had these fellows!

Christian has claimed both of the dump trucks and Isaac called the excavators.  

pretty strait forward.  just your basic paper doll style stand.

so simple, yet made 2 little boys so very happy.


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