Friday, December 2, 2011

straightening things out

today the boys and I made a quick trip to JoAnn's to snatched up a couple pieces of felt for a project i want to finish.  and being that today is quite a wintry feeling day, i splurged and got a cup of froo-froo coffee on the way home.  a Starbucks salted caramel mocha (decaf, with only 2 pumps of each syrup), just in case you were wondering.  :)

once we got home i made the boys sandwiches for lunch and moved another load of laundry though the machines.  and that's when the caffeine hit me. 

now i don't do a lot of caffeine.  i've learned that it will really mess me up in the guts if i consume it to much and to often.  so now, since my body isn't all that used to it, i really feel it! 

i took advantage of this splurge of energy and sped through some of my normal cleaning duties like folding & putting away laundry, some dishes, etc., and moved on to some things that have been bothering me, but remaining neglected due to busy-ness of life. 

and the one that makes me the most happy?  this little bookcase. 

i know it's not very big, but it is in the middle of our living/dining room and sees a lot of use.  the books are constantly being read.  the Bibles get pulled out and tossed back on the shelf, losing the loose notes that had been tucked into the cover.  the basket had turned into a catch all, when it's supposed to be for the small electronic items (camera, spare memory card, computer mouse & cables, etc).  and a scattering of random receipts & papers had found their way across the shelves.

so i pulled a lot of it off, moving certain things to different parts of the house where they will better serve their purpose.  the receipts went on my husbands night stand until he has a few moments to go through them & save the ones he wants & shreds the rest.  the books were stacked back in a little neater, with the Bibles going up a shelf so that they are easier to get in and out, considering they are the books we use the most, by far.  :)

i did add one thing to the shelf.  that tin bread box now holds all of my tea's & the drinking related items.  now, when i want a nice cup of tea, everything is together, contained in that pretty little box with the cups just above it.  and it makes me so happy!  especially because it now frees up a shelf in my tiny kitchen.  oh, happy day!!

funny, how taking the time to do a little bit of sorting, straitening, & getting rid of bits, can make a space feel so much more peaceful. 

i plan to tackle another small area tomorrow, slowly working my way through the house.  i know that some areas will be more getting rid of things and others will be simply organizing so that the space can be better used.  my goal is to make my way through most things before we buy & house and move.  i'm almost dreading my craft room in the basement.  it needs some major purging/TLC.  but, one thing at a time and i'll get there. 

read an article over on Keeper of the Home today that was also along these lines called When less really is more.  i especially loved reading all the tips others shared in the comments following the article.  you might stop by if you need a little more motivation to start your own pre-Christmas purge.  ;)

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  1. LOVE that little shelf--it does look so cheerful and happy! I'm sensitive to caffeine that way too (probably why I'm more of a tea drinker) but I'm glad you could use that little boost to your advantage. ;o) ~Janna


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