Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carrot Cake (from a pizza crust)

so, i didn't make this.  but i had to tell you about it anyway. 

Sunday was my dad's birthday and my sister, Alicia, made him his favorite... carrot cake.  and because she loves me so much, she decided to make it gluten free.  (i have the best sister ever!  for other reasons besides that, but that's just an example of why she is so great!)

due to the large amount of leftover cake, it was split and Dad took half, while the other half was sent home with me. 

one of the reasons that this recipe is so great (aside from the fantastic taste) is the fact that it can be made with a g.f. pizza crust mix (see recipe notes).  this is a super handy substitute for someone who isn't gluten free themselves as it is smaller/cheaper than a bag of g.f. flour and eliminates the need for buying xanthan gum, since the pizza crust already contains the gum.  just remember to watch for cross contamination in your other ingredients (sugar that has been scooped into with a cup that has also scooped flour is one of the most common) and on your surfaces (counters, cups and spoons, even mixers should be given a thorough wipe down). 

so head on over and check out gluten free carrot cake and cream cheese frosting

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