Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a nice tuesday drive though the basement

i have 2 boys.  and boy, oh boy, are boys different from girls.  yes, i know some girls that are pretty loud, that like a bit of ruff and tumble from time to time.  but even the loudest, roudy-est little girl is very different from boys.  of course, God did that on purpose, i just never knew to the extent He made them different until i had 2 of my own.

with my boys, everything that moves needs to be shot at, everything that makes noise is a monster, and i never realized how often i would repeat the phrase "that is not a sword!"  

Janna pinned a picture of a toddler t-shirt that i feel would work for either of my boys.

that being said, i keep a limited amount of toys around the house.  things that are sturdy and inexpensive so i don't feel bad about throwing it out if when it breaks.  things like small plastic animals from the dollar bin, duplos (the big chunky legos), and hot wheels are a few of our favorites.  

sometimes i like to find ways to mix it up and rekindle interest in the toys we have without spending a lot of $$$.  so when i saw a pin on pintrest the other day, i had to give it a try.  (i was sure i had pinned it so that i would be able to share it with you.  but, unfortunately, i must have messed up, because it is no where to be found.  all that being said, i cannot take credit for this idea, simply for copying someone and being spacey enough to forget to whom credit is due.)
roads!  (please forgive my terrible pictures, but they were taken in our basement on a wet and cloudy day)  suddenly those old hot wheels got a whole lot more interesting.  and for no cost to me! i simply pulled out an old role of blue painters tape that had gotten a bit wet at one time, so the tape is now warped and wonky along the edges.  and what is painters tape good for when it doesn't leave nice crisp edges??  why, it's good for roads!!!
up across the couch...
zig-zagging along the floor
even a parking lot on top of the ottoman
in fact, the more twists and turns, the better they liked it!  only the rumbling of little men creating motor sounds to their vehicles could be heard.  such a peaceful calm...  
... for about 10 minutes.

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