Tuesday, November 1, 2011

homemade microwave popcorn??? really!!

i like popcorn, and i have 2 little boys that are nuts for it.  but have you ever looked at the ingredients label on one of those microwave popcorn containers?  yikes!  not to mention the fact that they often contain butter, which means Isaac is left out of the fun.  sad.  :(  

it's also not cheap, and adds up $$$ if you eat it with any kind of frequency.  what's a mommy to do?  

well, i suppose i could pop it on the stove.  but i hate using hot oil, mostly due to the fact that i always seem to hurt myself when using it.  

then, the other day, i stumbled upon this page via pintrest.  and what do you know, it's possible to create your own microwave popcorn!  and with only 1 ingredient, popcorn.  
so yesterday, my handsome assistant and i gave it a go!
2 things you need...  1) popcorn...  2) small brown paper bag.  i didn't have any of those little lunch sacks around, but i did have a medium size bag made out of the same lightweight paper, which seemed to work out just fine.  

measure out 1/2 cup of popcorn.  this will pop up to be an entire popcorn bowl full, so if you want less, now would be the time to cut it down.  
pour your popcorn into the bag
fold the top of the bag down 2 times.  don't use any kind of tape or staples, that could give you problems in the microwave.
set the bag upright in the microwave (make sure your kernels didn't tumble into a big pile at one end, that can give you uneven results), and microwave for about 3 minutes or until you hear the popping slow, just like with the store bought stuff.
while waiting, work on important life lessons, like how to strike your best ninja pose.
but stay attentive!  listen for the popcorn to slow so that you don't burn your tasty snack!
vwalla!  popcorn!!
ok, so my assistant and i did get a little distracted while perfecting our ninja poses.  thus, the slightly burnt spot in the middle.  but that's an easy fix!
simply picked out those couple burnt pieces and dig in!
mmmm... smells great!  (that is his consistent smelling face for all, good or bad, despite how it looks)
you could add your own topping, but we kept it plain and he couldn't have been happier!  

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  1. Tell your assistant he did a great job, good facial expressions, I understand it so much better because of his help.


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