Tuesday, November 29, 2011

excited for December!

normally, i'm a fall kind of gal.  love it!  but this year i'm very excited for December to come.  i don't know why, but winter has been growing on me.  it's cold outside and cozy inside.  i've developed a love for tights and leg warmers with boots.  i have a wonderful new coat that i love wearing.  and i think i might actually get into some seasonal decorations this year.  :) 

this one is first on my list.  (have i mentioned that i love the color orange?)

already bought a couple oranges.  just have to pick up a couple other bits and fire up the dehydrator and glue gun!  yippy!!

on a more christmas-y related note: just bought the new She & Him christmas album off itunes and really likin' it.  :)

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