Friday, November 11, 2011


today i read Seven Strategies for Having more Productive Days  and found it so encouraging.  my days have been quite difficult for a long time now due to my thyroid deciding to freak out and go all hyper on me.  and while a couple of things i'm doing seem to be helping (going gluten free being one of them) it's turning out to be a long slow road back to energy and efficeincy around my home. 

It was nice to read some tips and tricks for getting things done.  Her last tip, "Trouble Shooting the 'Bad Days'" was especially encouraging.  a wonderful reminder that while i may not be getting all the floors swept everyday, i do need to be looking for what i can do of value.  and that means probably a little less time surfing pintrest and a little more time in prayer.  that will be of great value! 

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