Friday, November 18, 2011

a day of extremes

yesterday was a day full of both wonderful and blessed moments and difficult, stressful situations.   i had much to do so i made sure i spent time in the Word & prayer.  then i applied extra effort to do activities with my boys that would wear them out physically and mentally.  typically this will result in them being less needy, more agreeable, and better nappers.  however, yesterday, it failed.  

we went to the park and played outside to waste energy & had a great amount of laughs and giggles.  yet all day they bounced off the walls and tore things apart.  

so we spent time sorting little toys into plastic containers & putting big toys on the shelves in order to focus little minds.  this worked for all of... 20 minutes?  maybe???  

after Christian went down for a nap, Isaac and I did some chores around the house, then sat down with his Dinosaur ABC book (it's a dry erase book based on Biblical creation full of letters and places to practice writing them).  he ate up the one on one time and was so helpful and attentive.  we laid down for his rest time and i spent 40 minutes "soft tickling" his hair and face, yet when little brother started knocking on the door to be let out, Isaac snapped to attention like he had been on high alert.  short/no naps all around.  

my heart broke when i had to discipline my Isaac for angry outbursts and temper tantrums.   yet i about bursted with love when that same little man walked quietly up behind me and in his sweetest voice told me he was sorry for getting so angry and asked if i would forgive him.  those moments are what my heavenly Father was talking about when He said, "Correct your son, and he will give you comfort; He will also delight your soul." (Proverbs 29:17)

i felt that a movie might be a good thing to keep little men busy while i whipped up some baked goods for our upcoming trip to MO next week.  an overly "helpful" 4 year old and a wound up 2 year old were not about to stay in the basement once they heard my mixer fire up and after 45 minutes of messy participation & stopping to soothe bonks and resolve arguments, we all felt the need for a cookie.  funny how sometimes a cookie can solve so many problems.

after a cookie & a sandwich & some orange juice & other random snacks dug out of the cupboard at 4:45 in the afternoon, i could find nothing else to feed my "starving" little men and in order to maintain sanity and avoid locking everyone in their bedrooms, i felt the best distraction would be making a mess.  after all, it seems to work whenever they instigate it...

so we foam painted the bathtub, using shaving gel mixed with food coloring.  this stuff is so much fun!  and because the gel turns foamy when you mix in the colors, it just keeps expanding and expanding.  it felt like they had painted every surface of the bathtub and we still weren't out of foam.  

calm and quite

a little bit curious

mixing colors

investigating textures


body painting ensued, with a thick slathering everywhere.  and since i have boys, they found it quite hilarious to smack each other with paint in strategic places.  those photos have been kept from this blog, but i will tell you, there are few things cuter than a the chunky buns of a 2 year old with blue hand prints on each cheek.  ;)

at this point Nick got home & Christian started showing off.  we had to convince him not to rub it in his ears, carefully wipe it off his eye lashes & help him blow it out of his nose. 

and when you've painted everything else, all that's left is to get mommy.

thankfully, a good rise was all it took to clean up this chaos. which is a lot more that can be said for my basement.

after a day like that, i was about to give up on everything, but thankfully i have a darling husband.  he brought home pizza for supper, kept little men busy all evening so that i could fold laundry & begin packing, then put little men to bed while i finished up some cleaning.  

sometimes i feel ridiculously outnumbered in my home, yet i love all of these men, big and little, more than i ever thought i could love.  i guess that's the grace of God, helping one sinner to love another sinner.  and i am thankful!

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