Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bits and pieces of us

it seems i have an aspiring professional confetti maker around here these days.  i'm willing to help him build his career, so if any of you having an upcoming celebration, he works cheap!  ;)

who would have thought a pair of earbuds and a little music would cause this little trouble maker to stop and sit still for 5  whole minutes?  and 5 minutes was all i needed to get ready to head out the door to run errands. 

(love Christians face in this picture)

~resent phrases~
Christian eating something he likes:
"dis rishus mamma!"
(translation: this is delicious mamma)

Isaac... all of the time:
"mamma, can i have a thing to eat... with my teeth"
(this is to head off my suggestion of getting a drink first)

spent a couple hours this afternoon with a pile of felt and a pair of scissors.  i'm excited to show you what i made, but i'm not quite finished (ran out of black felt).  so now you have something to look forward to, hopefully, tomorrow.  :)

Nick and I will be looking at some more houses tomorrow evening.  we are praying that it will be a profitable time for us.  

it's been a long process, shopping for house #2.  at least, it feels like it (maybe it has something to do with not having multiple other life altering crisis' going on this time around).  Nick and i go through days of excitement to hunt and sift through the listings, and other days where we don't even want to think about it because there really doesn't seem to be anything that fits our list.  and through the highs and lows, we simply trade off reminding each other that God gives everything we need, and (to quote a lovely lady from church), "The wait is by His hands as well!" 

so we keep looking, and we keep waiting.  and in the mean time, i think tomorrow i will pull out my little box of winter decorations.  :)

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  1. Laughing at your confetti! We've had days like that too, it's messy, but such a great way to keep a little guy busy! ~Janna


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