Saturday, October 1, 2011

cousins, crafts and creation

i would love to be an everyday blogger.  i think they are fun to read and really would love to share so much more with you (if there are any of you out there yet, considering my spuratic posting habits).  but, i am a mother of 2 very busy toddler boys.  and as a result of those 2 little blessings, i have my hands full from son up to son down and yes, that would be son, not sun.  it's a joke, haha... ok moving on.  

but here are some things that happened this week that i have been wanting to share with you all.

had some of the cousins over yesterday.  the boys were busy destroying the basement while the little lady and i were upstairs enjoying a little bit of quiet.  

i've been working on my crocodile stitch crochet scarf.  and yeah, this is what i've got...

that's 1 skeen of yarn (that means a whole ball of yarn).  yeah, that's not very much scarf for that much yarn.  so, i'm rethinking my plan.  maybe i'll crochet a plain rectangle the same size and make a little throw pillow out of it.  and maybe another to match.  because a pair is so much cuter than a single.  

i haven't gotten to many "pins" lately.  i've squeaked by on my 2 a week goal.  but in the mean time, i've sewn a dress.  so i'm saying that makes it ok, because i'm still letting my creative juices flow and i'm working with my hands. 

let me show you what we've been up to for school lately.  no, we haven't started pre-school, not really.  right now, we are just getting used to the routine of sitting at the table for about half an hour & listening to directions.  learning when to talk and when to listen and your basic pre-writing skills of using a pencil & scissors.  and even more important than those things, we are learning to listen to the Word of the Lord and learning to remember what we hear.  i'm very excited to teach this to my sons at a young age!  i want them to know that the Bible is not beyond them, they don't have to grow up before it becomes a part of their life.  

so we started at the beginning.  we have done all 7 days of creation.  nothing fancy, just reading about 1 day at a time and making a picture to help us remember what God made each day.  we've talked about how God is so good at planning ahead and taking care of needs before we even know there is a need.  like how He made the dry land and the plants on day 3 and then made the animals and man & woman on day 6.  God took care of their needs even before there was anyone around to need something.  so wonderful to know we serve such a wise God.  

this is my favorite picture.  day 5, when God made the birds of the air and the fish of every kind and Genesis says "the sea monsters".  of course, Isaac picked up on that and requested a sea monster on his picture for him to paint, that would be the head with fangs on the left side.  i love having boys!  ;)

and the more we read out of the Bible, the more we learn about our Awesome God & it makes it that much more natural to talk with my boys about the gospel.  i know they are young, but i don't know when they will be able to understand their sin and the need to accept Jesus' payment on the cross for their sin and trust that He rose from the dead and has the power over sin & death.  so i'm putting it out there every chance i get, so that they will hear the way to be saved from the first moments they will be able to remember.  

if you desire to pray for us, please ask the Lord to give us wisdom and direction.  Nick and i have each felt a growing desire to adopt over the last few months.  we aren't sure how we will adopt since we don't have major finances for a private or international adoption, and so far are very hesitant about adopting though the foster care system simply because we often hear of adoptions falling though and we know that would mean a lot of heart ache.  so, for now we are taking little steps in preparing for it while we wait for the Lord to open a door for us.  part of that preparation means we have started to casually look at houses and examine our finances more carefully.  we'll see what the Lord does.  He might keep those doors shut for a while and He might throw several of them open very rapidly.  we simply pray for wisdom and willingness to move forward as He leads.  

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  1. Love seeing everything happening in your home!! I will definitely be praying for you guys as you explore the adoption option. Crazily enough it's an idea Josh and I have thrown around, the possibility of adopting out of the foster care system. I don't know if it will happen, but I always get so excited when I see people pursuing that idea.~Janna


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