Friday, October 7, 2011

caramel syrup

real quick i thought i would share a link with you for a caramel sause i tried the other day. 

now i'm typically of the opinion that when it comes to things like condements, it's just easier to grab a jar from the store.  however, for some crazy reason, condement companies feel that caramel they make needs to be more caramely looking.  thus, they add "caramel color".  normally, i wouldn't mind a tiny little addition such as this, but caramel color is actually made from barely, which is a gluten containing grain.  and trying to find a brand that doesn't use it seems to be about impossible

so, here is the solution (as with everything when it comes to a dietary restriction); make your own from scratch. 

now, i'm no tasting expert when it comes to homemade caramel sauce.  but, i found this recipe very easy to follow as she has put up a page with tons of pictures so as to help you prevent ending up with a glob of burnt sugar in your pan.  :)  how nice to make something unfamilar and still know what your are supposed to be seeing in front of you.  and the end result is so pretty, and no gluten filled fake color added!

once i got done, it looked so good, i just had to try it out on something.  and what goes better with caramel than fudge and ice cream (and since hubby wasn't around i threw some pecans on top)

so here is the link to Divine Caramel Sauce

hope you enjoy!

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  1. Looks TOTALLY delicious, Sarah! I'm gonna have to try this one..for sure :)


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