Saturday, September 17, 2011


ok, so i'm hooked.  for those of you who don't know what pintrest is, it's a site where you can create virtual "pin boards" to put pictures of things you like that will link you to the original web site that it was posted on.  example: i can "pin" a recipe onto my board "yum!"  then when i decide to go print the recipe, i can click on the photo and be taken right to their site.  same goes for clothes, blog tutorials, etc.  and since i'm all about the pictures, i'm totally addicted to this site.  

However!  i got to thinking about it and if i don't actually DO the things that i pin, what's the point?

so i have set a goal.  if i am going to waste time encourage my creative juices on this site, then i must attempt at least 2 pins a week.  which really isn't that hard now that i'm getting on a role.  

So what have i done?  well, here are a couple of the "pins" and my take on them after i have done them myself.

pumpkin spice latte
verdict: fantastic!
as of this week, i'm now addicted to froo froo coffee drinks, which my wallet does not look kindly upon.  however, this post was a wonderful find!  i can now make this drink at home for the price of a little milk and a tad of pumpkin & a cup of cheap black coffee, rather than the $4 price tag.  hooray!  totally loving this pin!

crocodile stitch scarf
verdict: work in progress
i'll have to show you a picture of mine when its done.  it's really not as hard as i thought it would be, though you do need a basic knowledge of how to crochet.  and while that is the picture that started me on it, i found this tutorial on how to make a crocodile stitch much easier to understand and follow along.  

Bacon wrapped chicken jalapeno bites
verdict: husband loved them!
ok, not so suprising that Nick was digging them, they had 2 of his favorite things, bacon & jalapeno peppers.  

maybe on monday i will show you the bird wings that i made for the boys.  :)  they turned out adorable and will be so fun for monday when we learn about the 5th day of creation, when God made the birds and the fish.  

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  1. It is such a lovely way to organize all the inspiration! And I love your idea of goal setting . . . I'm going to have to have to do that to, otherwise it ends up just another way to procrastinate the laundry. ;o) Hope all is well with your family!


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