Tuesday, July 19, 2011

homemade almond joys (dairy free!)

i so wish i had this recipe when i was nursing my boys and having to abide by the MSPI diet (milk soy protein intolerance)!  but i just found it recently.  and since we have taken Isaac off of dairy for the time being, to see if it helps his guts feel better, i thought it would be fun to do this for him.  and let me tell you, he loves them!!

aren't they cute?  i found the link to the recipe here on Thriving Without.  i made them in a mini muffin tin, a much better size when making them for a 3 year old, in my opinion.  OH, but i did have to do things a little differently...

i didn't care for her chocolate recipe, so i tried Heavenly Homemakers recipe for chocolate chips, however, i again had to make some changes...

she uses butter and since i was shooting for no milk, i used coconut oil.  now i don't know if it was doing something wrong or what, but i could not get my sugar to dissolve into the oil.  let me just tell you, it was weird!  i mixed and mixed and played with my heat, but couldn't get it to incorporate.  so, my solution????  put it in the blender!!!

yep, i pulverized it!  after several minutes on the highest speed, things seem to come together a little better.  (oh, someday to have an immersion blender...) 

oh, i also had dark chocolate cocoa powder (something i love, but so far, have only found it at my old Albertson's in Henderson NV) so i used 1/2 as much (1/4 cup). 

end result...

first all the no's.  no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no cocoa butter (sometime a problem for me) and NO DAIRY! 

now the pro's!  made with natural ingredients (some of which even have some health benefits, though i refrain from calling these candies healthy), way less expensive than the $1.25 for a candy bar, and fun to know that i can make something wonderfully satisfying myself!  Isaac even helped a little with putting in the almonds and stirring the ingredients. 

hooray!!  a win-win all around. 

disclaimer:  i will warn you, you have to keep them in the freezer or fridge because they melt very easily/quickly.  and obviously, due to using different ingredients, these taste a little different than the store bought variety.  but in our case, it's all worth it.

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