Monday, June 6, 2011

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just got done playing catch up on no big dill, a blog by a crafty mom who does a lot of sewing tutorials.  she has 5 girls so there are several things she does that i have no use for as a momma of 2 boys.  but her pictures are lovely, her ideas are unique, and her blog is always so relaxed and chill, whenever i stop by it makes me want to do my own post.  so here i am...

Nick and I recently took a trip to Henderson (the boys stayed with Papa Jeff and Grandma Leah).  yep, back to the Las Vegas Valley.  the goal was to prep our house for new renters, find a management company and hopefully start the process of getting it filled.  God was so very good and we now have believers managing for us and a family scheduled to move in.  what a relief.  especially after being totally off guard as we walked back into that house and were assaulted with emotions and memories.  it took much prayer to get through that first day.  but God was so good and took very good care of us as we struggled through many tears while working though details of readying it for strangers.  again, God reminded me that while He blesses us with many things, we need to love Him, not the blessings.  

besides the house, we also spent much time with loved ones.  people that were our adopted family for 2 years, taking us in on holidays, inviting us to their kids birthdays, bringing us meals when we had health trials, baby sitting for free, and just hanging out on the evenings and weekend. 

i love this little girl!

it was a trip to one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, but for us, it felt like coming home.

does anyone else deal with that feeling of having 2 homes?  2 places that feel like you belong there?  we sure do.  and it makes me all the more look forward to heaven!  one home that we will never leave where all of my brothers and sisters in Christ will dwell, in the presence of my First Love!  oh, happy day that will be!

since getting home it's been filled with many days that i don't finish the to do list because i'm trying to enjoy these little boys.  i've been reminded much lately that my job is to train up these little boys to be men of God (i hope and pray that they will turn their lives over to Him at a young age).  so i must be willing to set aside the things i would like to do in order to train. 

sometimes that training is done in simple ways like taking the time to teach them how to show love to their brother (i.e. hold the door open for him so that it doesn't smack him in the face as he follows you outside) or how to make peace on their own (i.e. do not hit him on the head with a watering can).

other times that training comes in the form of discipline.  disciplining is never fun and is probably the most time consuming when we really work to do it in a way that honors the Lord and our children can understand well.  i very much look forward to seeing Proverbs 23:15-16 come to be in my own life...

Proverbs 23:15-16
"My son, if your heart is wise,
    My own heart also will be glad;
 And my inmost being will rejoice
    when your lips speak what is right."

but along with the training there has been lots of fun!  mostly pool fun with all the heat we've been having.

 pool + watermelon = incredible

water fight with Aunt Alicia

she got wetter than she expected!

headed home after a morning at the farmers market

so we'll see how long it is until my next post.  who knows with me.  guess i'll never be an everyday blogger.  :)  oh, well.  i guess i have enough going on everyday.

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