Sunday, June 26, 2011

making cooking easier, or at least a reason to smile...

i have a week and a half's worth of meals planned and supplies in my kitchen and basement (minus next weekend as we will be at my in laws).  and it feels so good.  remind me again why i don't do this every week?  oh, yeah.  procrastination/laziness would be my traits to get the credit there.  hopefully the next several days of no thinking cooking will help me stay on the bandwagon a little longer.  :) 

and for a little more motivation, i have a pretty new pot to cook in. 

see isn't it nice?!  it's an enamel coated cast iron pot.  not a huge one, but just right for a family of 4 while the boys are little.  i got it off the clearance rack at Shopko (65% off).  and the best part is, it's orange! my favorite color!  yes, i am in a yellow and teal stage this summer, but i have a long standing love with orange.  just ask my husband.  :)

  right now i'm using my pretty pot to soak some black beans for black bean salsa.  should be very yummy!

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