Friday, April 8, 2011


yeah, yeah, i know, it's been a while to say the least.  sorry.  there probably aren't any of you left who check my blog do to the spastic on again off again love i have with blogging.  :)  i have been trying to cut down on my computer time and thus, blogging takes a back seat most of the time. 

if you're out there and wondering what is going on with we have been busy with the little things...
- cutting open old boxes & drawing rockets inside.
- making super hero capes out of old t-shirts (fun!)
- dehydrating (14lbs of banana's for $4!)
- freezing meals (did a double batch of buttermilk wheat waffles recipe)
- cleaning (ok, maybe not so much cleaning.  lol!)
- reading (barnyard dance seems to be a favorite right now, and i'm enjoying "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman)

now i'm off to a 2 year old b'day party! 

hopefully see you soon!

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  1. I'm still checking in once in awhile! ;) Fun to hear what's going on in your household..and the whole less-time-computing/more-time-living thing = good. It's always encouraging hearing what's going on and what your bunch is up to.


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