Thursday, February 3, 2011

wall hangings and little reminders

thought i would share a little bit of my house decor with you. 

i love how this wall has turned out.  a wonderful piecework of our family and things we love.  and it really was pretty easy. 

This was the before. 
big blank wall with a piano and wardrobe closet.  boring.

i knew that i liked the look of shelves, but didn't want to buy or make anything new (i.e. didn't want to spend the money).  but i knew i could give the illusion of shelves with a "visual plain" (is that the right "plain" or should it be "plane"?  anyway...).  so a pair of antique folding rulers did the trick.  it also was a great way for me to pull in the old tools that we had used to decorate the bathroom in our last house. 

i also gathered together a bunch of different picture frames.  they are all black frames with white matting, so even though they are all different sizes and shapes and from many different places & times, they all feel like they belong together. 

i'm a visual person, so i laid everything out on the floor so i could see just how it would look.  i used paper bags and such to create a template for each piece i would be hanging and transferred my layout to the wall.

beautiful, right?  haha.

each paper template was marked where the nail needed to go, so once they were all taped up, i just drove a nail on the spot marked "X"

then i just pulled down the paper and hung the items. 

i'm still wanting to get some different pictures printed up for a couple of the frames, thus the reason why the one on the bottom right is hanging sideways.  once i get those, all of my photos will be black and white, adding to the look of them belonging together. 

thought i would also throw my 2 cents out there about what to hang.  not everything needs to be a photo or art to belong on your wall. 

The antique tools not only look cool but represent a part of who our family has become.  Nick went to school for construction management, worked 3 years of carpentry and remodeling, spent 2 years in Las Vegas as an engineer on the McCarran International Airport and now builds industrial filtration units here in Lincoln.  all of this has shaped not only him, but every member of this family. 

this is actually a piece of a leaf that i put in a frame.  after we moved here in June, Isaac and i went for a walk to explore the neighborhood.  just across the street from our place, he stopped and stooped down to look at something.  he kept going on about a "butterfly".  this little piece of leaf was stuck to a blade of grass and fluttered in the breeze, and he was quite sure it was a butterfly.  my sweet boy.  seeing beautiful things where others might not.  so i brought it home and hung it on the wall. 

The Lord has created so many glorious and beautiful things and while others might not acknowledge that He is God, all of His creation calls out that only a Mighty and Powerful God could create such wonders.  that is what that little broken leaf reminds me of and i love being able to see it everyday. 

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