Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's dark outside...

... and we only have 1 little pendent lamp in our living room.  that is the reason i don't have pictures to share. 

Nick helped me rearrange the furniture last night.  our "living room" space has now been cut in half.  why????  because we really don't use it all that much.  when we want to lounge on couches we usually end up in the basement.  so why devote so much space when it's not needed?  that's my thought anyway. 

the other half of that room is now a "dining room".  it's nothing formal, but it gets our table & chairs out of our kitchen which is way to tiny to be functional. 

but that issue is soon to be resolved!

since i now don't have to deal with a table, 3 chairs and a highchair in that space, i'm looking to make my own kitchen island!  i had one in our last house that i LOVED (not an overstatement).  it was only about 3' x 3', so i'm thinking that about all i need here. 

This isn't the best picture but you get the idea.  p.s. isn't he a cutie!  :)

if there is anything that this kitchen needs, it's counter space!  and a little more functional storage underneath will be incredible. 

one inspiration that i found was this table.  i found the plans on Ana White's blog.  it's called a craft table, but i think it would totally work as a kitchen island. 
Post image for And the Craft Table too!

i'm not worried about it matching the rest of the kitchen because it seems to be fashionable to make the island different from the rest of the counters & cabinets.

See?  doesn't match.

KitchenLab traditional kitchen

also doesn't match.

Designer Kitchens

not matching.

See?  i can basically make it look however i want and be ok. 

now to try and do it on the cheap!  i'm stalking craigs list and checking a local re-use store for kitchen cabinets or a dresser that i can use for the base.  for the top i'm thinking of using an old table top or (inspired by a pbs program) piecing together hardwood floor scraps for a fake butcher block.  i might even attach a power strip just under the edge of the top so that i can plug in my mixer or a stereo.  we'll see how it all comes together.

i'll keep you up to date on how it comes together.

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