Tuesday, February 1, 2011

distractions from the cold - day #1

project - build a fort.

first consideration... location.  after all, i knew if i built something, i would be expected to enter this thing and participate in all the craziness within.  so, mommies bed seemed like a comfortable place to start. 

second consideration... materials.  sheets for walls were an obvious choice. 

then to suspend i knew it would be the removable hooks that i had on hand.  (i love these things!)  these go on the ceiling.

some ribbon to hang it down.  and the most important...

curtain rings with clips!  i was reminded recently when reading young house love that these things are genius when it comes to kids! (though they were speaking of them in reguards to curtains, but let's not limit the creativity here.)  think about it, if a little 30 pound boy gets wound up & giddy (not that my boys would) and in all of his excitement gives it a YANK, the clips will let go and the ceiling & sheets will be none worse for wear.  :) brilliant!  just so happens i had some on hand.  i know, i have some really random stuff around my house.  anyway...

i safety pinned the sheets together & hung them from the ceiling via curtain ring/clips as noted.  then we just so happened to have a couple strings of christmas lights that hadn't made it into storage yet.  awesome!  10 minutes invested into building this thing and now...

 i'm the most awsomest mom!  :) 

at least, he thinks so.

we spent several hours in our super cool fort today.  we read tons of books, watched a movie, snuggled a bit, and Christian blew zerburts on every one's bellies.  :)  well worth the time, and even worth the bit of a mess that comes with such things. 

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