Friday, February 11, 2011

been doing some reading...

i've been doing some reading about how i can improve our health with most of the focus on the way we eat.  not that we are looking to lose a lot of weight, but mostly to help with our guts & energy level.  especially mine.  ever since getting my gall bladder out, i've been having LOTS of trouble with my guts, and being a mommy of 2 boys, i need all the energy i can get!  here's some things i've found helpful/interesting and thought you might too.  :)   

why low calerie is not the answer
the hubby and I would love to loose just that little pudge around the middle (mine is more in the trunk)

adrenal fatigue - help and resources
found this super interesting after the last couple years.  (moving half way across the country, having a baby, husband with cancer, buying a house, husband loosing his job, moving halfway across the country, financial stress from said house and lack of job)

the GAPS diet
very interested in learning more about this and possibly implimenting some of these things in our lives.  while the full out diet sounds like the MSPI diet (no dairy, no soy, did that when nursing both boys) combined with a gluetin free diet (yikes!) mixed with a no sugar diet with lots of unprocessed cholestrol foods (eggs, meats, etc) to help heal your guts, and very VERY intense, i think pulling some of these things is doable and would be good for our family. 

how to make homemade yogert
gave this one a go last night & it's cooling in the fridge right now.  very excited to see how it tastes.  :)

soaking grains
also wanting to give this a try since i love to bake and want to be able to do it better.  :)


  1. Great links! I just tried soaking steel-cut oats a few days ago--best oatmeal I ever had! ;o) And I've been wanting to try the homemade yogurt--was it good? I might look more into the adrenal fatigue myself, lately I haven't been feeling so "spry." I'm hoping spring will help turn that around (but I know I need to get on a cod liver oil supplement--I think that would help a lot).

  2. the homemade yogert was very good. it's plain (there is no sugar and it's very tangy-in a good way) so we've been mixing in blueberries and honey and it's probably our favorite snack.


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