Wednesday, January 26, 2011


we've definitely had some ups and downs today.
-Isaac throwing a fit in the store because i wouldn't buy him a bob the builder music cd.
-Christian screaming because Isaac picked up the book he had set down, while i was on the phone.

-i got several new praise and worship cd's at the store today and we have been listening to them in the kitchen.
-we had a groove session during lunch.  Mercy Me + chicken and oranges = Isaac & Christian dancing in their chairs with huge smiles, trying to sing Jesus loves me to the tune of "The Generous Mr. Lovewell"
-Isaac wanting to help me fold clothes.  he actually took the time to watch and now know how to correctly fold a shirt.  :)

-Isaac laying behind my rocking chair, inside a little "tent" that we made him. 
-read the first chapter of 1 Peter with the boys this morning.  hearing me read about the blood of Christ, Isaac chimed in point out that He died on the cross.  when it was time to pray, Christian folded his hands and bowed his head, making my heart melt.

Obviously, we've had a lot more up's today than downs.  not that it's always a numbers thing, but some days it really helps to see the scales tipped so far to that side. 

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  1. Your little boys are the best dancers! I epecially love watching them dance while sitting down. haha


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