Monday, January 17, 2011

things we think are great...

... curious george going to the orcestra!  love how after watching this 15 minute episode Isaac told me that the music had counting "1,2,3,1,2,3..."  now i'm not one to expect the TV to teach my kids, but when the few shows he does watch actually teach him something, well, that's just a bonus.  :)

... homemade laundry soap.  i love how i can make laundry soap for about a penny a load and i get to pick what it smells like (since i have issues with smells/headakes).  hooray for win, win situations!

... being able to get a $10 gift card to The Mill for $5 this morning.  i'm not a coffee drinker (for which hubby is thankful) but they have fantastic tea and cider.  i'm very excited to find some time to just go sit by myself with my Bible or to take a friend and have a chat. 

... 40 degree days with piles of snow on the ground.  so pretty and yet i didn't freeze my rear end off when i took the trash out this morning.  wonderful!

... hats.  or, at least Christian thinks they are great.  he wears them throughout the day just for the fun of it.  i'm a pretty big fan as well.  especially since returning to a place that has seasons.  and as far as impractical hats go, i found the cutest vintage hat at a thrift store for $5.  now if only i could find a reason to wear it...

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