Monday, January 24, 2011

snow and other tidbits

some things i'm wondering...

why are sunrises so much prettier and more refreshing when there is 4 inches of snow on the ground?  maybe it's the way the light is reflected. 

i'm now the proud owner of winter boots.  how is it that i've gone so many years without them?  i now feel like a goof ball for putting it off so long.  i think the last pair that i had was in 5th grade when i got pink (light pink and hot pink) poofy boots that were awsome!  i wish i had a picture to show you (i even had the snow pants to match).  anyway, i got them on sale but they were still a little pricy, but well worth it.  they are waterproof, leather (but not that swade kind that gets messy so easy), grips on the bottom, and SUPER comfortable.  they might even be the most comfortable shoes i own right now.  it's wonderful being able to tromp through the snow and slush and not have to worry about wet feet, or falling down since i'm often carrying a small child or two.  all in all, one of the best purchases of the winter. 

i'm giving great effort this week to figure out a better cleaning schedule.  something that's a little more planned out according to our regular activities and allowing for more fun things like trips to the childrens museum.  also, planning out some times to do my deep cleaning.  i even bought a 3 ring binder in order to organize my thoughts and keep them all in one place.  we'll see how it all comes together.  today is laundry day.  not meaning that i have to get it all done today, but get it sorted, get sheets washed and back on the beds, get through several loads with great effort to get them all put away before Nick get's home from work.  the rest will be finished up another day this week. 

Nick's brother got married this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.  Anne was beautiful and Jordan was beaming.  at the reception, Isaac kept asking when it would be time for cake and after i told him that Jordan and Anne get the first pieces, he marched up to Jordan and told him to go get some cake.  Isaac was also quite the ladies man, often in the middle of the dance floor showing off, or cutting in to dance with the bride, or at one point walking up to a bridesmaid and asking her to dance (of course she said yes).  he did start to slow down at one point, though he insisted he wasn't tired, just cold, so he needed to lay down and cover up with my coat.  sorry i don't have pictures, i forgot my camera in NE.  this is one i stole from my sister's blog...

that's all here for now.

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  1. ...such a handsome man (and beautiful aunt of his) The grandchildren were a joy to watch as they enjoyed "helping" Jordan and Anne! Thank you for your part sewing vests and dressing the children in matching outfits!


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