Monday, January 31, 2011

monday, monday...

like the new look?  i do!  that's why i stole it from my friend Amber.  (hope you don't mind, Amber.  it's just super cute!)

so this week has started off pretty normal. 

the attempt at potty training...
new system - set timer for 45 min (15 min if there has been a recent juice binge).  timer goes, Isaac goes!  if his underwear is dry, he get's 1 penny to put in his jar.  the more pennies are in his jar, the more reeses pieces he gets.  if he wets his pants, he pays mama 1 penny.  if he fills his pants, mama get's all his money and he starts from scratch!  today he was just learning the ropes with the money.  tomorrow will be better... hopefully...

i love their faces in this one.

Happy brothers!

got a copy of the new cookbook from our church yesterday.  i haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but Christian was ooo-ing and aah-ing over it with much applause over every recipe, so it must be good.  Nick is actually trying a cookie recipe put in by my sister, Alicia, right now.  smells good sweety!

Told them mommy needed a minute in the bathroom... alone... without Isaac or Christian... so they needed to go read a book. 
it actually worked!

I love this little boy

they love getting a bath or a shower.  seriously, love it!

this weekend was nice and chill.  Nick spent a little time looking for a new car.  we have decided we would like a newer 2nd vehicle.  something we can safely put car seats in the back of, preferably with less rust... oh and Nick would like something with heat... or at least a defroster that works.  i guess i don't blame him.  ;)

on Thursday i started the "30-day shred" dvd that everybody is into.  it's actually a lot of fun, minus the horrendous push ups.  i don't like push ups.  it takes very different muscles to lift little boys up than it takes to do a push up.  didn't know that.  anyway, hoping that this will boost my energy level, balance my hormones a little, and make the junk in the trunk a little less dented.  

read Proverbs 31 today (since it's the 31st of the month).  it's always so refreshing for me to read that whole section as one, rather than a list of a million things i'm not.  when i read it all together, i basically just notice the theme of being busy glorifying God.  she does a lot of things, but it really comes down to taking care of what needs to be done.  and it's not for her own glory, but for the glory of her Lord, which in turn is honoring to her husband and encouraging to her household.  very uplifting.  :)  (if you want to read about the verses that kicked my butt this weekend, you can read it on my other blog)


  1. your comment " make the junk in my trunk a little less dented" made me laugh out loud! I'm doing the same thing! Good luck!

  2. Wandering over from Anna's blog . . . and found so much I had to comment on ;o)
    1. Your potty training method sounds great! Those little boys are hard! All I can encourage is "keep at it" eventually at some point it will all click.
    2. Bathtime is a great diversion here as well--I know technically in the winter you shouldn't do it so often but there are days Owen gets two, just because it is so fun for him. Specially with the crankiness that has involved ears/teeth lately.
    3. I was just reading Prov. 31 today! And thinking how I need to return to it much more often in the future . . .

    Hope you guys have a cozy-wonderful day! ;o)


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