Monday, January 10, 2011

a little bit of nothing...

i love snow.  i know others who have been moaning and grumping around because of the snow, but i love it. 

hubby took the SUV to work today.  not because he didn't think the honda could make it, but more because i offered him the vehicle with a working heater. 

still trying to figure out a good potty training method.  (i've disided that i dispise potty training)

and now i'm heading down to my newly carpeted sewing room.  got to make a couple little vests for Christian and Jude (cousin) for the wedding that's coming up.  and if i get those finished up then i can start working on sewing a dress for myself.  it's a reprinted vintage pattern (beautiful!) and i'm using a satin, which i'm nerves about because this is my first time sewing something larger than a tie using satin.  we'll see how it all comes together. 

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