Friday, January 14, 2011

flour + water =

paper mache?  bread!  seriously.  ok, there is a little bit of salt too, but that's it.  and really, it's pretty good. 

instead of using yeast, i grew my own wild yeast in my sourdough starter (you might remember, i mentioned it back here in Nov, and it's been going strong ever since).  

i use fresh home-ground flour from my mom since it has the best flavor out of all the wheat flours i have tried.  but last time i made it, it was so dence.  so this time i did add a little white flour as well to try and lighten the load.  it seemed to help, though i still want to experiment a little more to see if i can get a better rise.  i saw that most people use yeast with their sourdough and just use a "flat" starter for the taste.  but i'm really wanting to make this work without adding yeast.  after all, the yeast i'm growing is supposed to be more stable and healthy for your gut.  :)

also, i would like to try it with a little oil and honey, change up the flavor and balance the "sour" a little better. 

we'll see how it all comes out. 

family notes:

potty training still stinks and there is no forseeable end in sight.  :(  Isaac can now count to 11 without problems (counting objects, not just saying their names) and rattles off his ABC's in a blurred little song wherein there are always several letters that don't make the cut.

a bit rosy cheeked from playing in the snow.

     using a folded towel for a hat... he loves hat's right now.

Christian has begun what others call "the terrible 2's" and has become the most stubborn little man i know.  we also have moved his mattress onto the floor so that we can get the crib to a friend for their baby to use.  all in all, he's doing so well at staying in bed.  :)

showing off big brothers snow boots.  i just love those little dimple-y knees!

Nick's brother, Jordan, is getting married next weekend (hooray!) and so i'm starting to try and get things ready for that.  still have no idea what i'm going to wear.  thinking i might need to go dress shopping since most of my very nice clothes are still to small for me or maternity (and it would be very unflattering to show up in either of those 2 options).

Nick is still the same as always.  i guess for a man, that's pretty typical; and for a cancer surviver, that's wonderful!  so no complaints there.  :)

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