Saturday, December 18, 2010


we had a play doh day and let me tell you, it was a hit.
4 different colors (we don't mix them, but they can switch out as often as they like) and a few cookie cutters and they created dozens of things as a time, all of which they had to show me. i didn't sit down and play with them the whole time since i had cinnamon rolls to make. but i loved how it kept us all in the kitchen together without getting to many hands in the pot... er... mixer.

orange is his favorite color. :)

isn't he a darling! i can still get away with calling him that cuz he can't correct me yet, unlike big brother.

safety glasses are a hard working man's best tool. and let me tell you, they love these things.

said he was fixing his car.
i guess the auto(man) needed some work. lol! ok, not that funny. anyway...

hit an estate sale today with Nick and the boys. it was fun.
the snow shovel we bought was left outside, so it's not in the picture.
the little pots are part of the boys christmas gift, to go with several other kitchen items i've found. hopefully, this will cut down on how they keep stealing mine while i'm trying to make meals.
the bowl has a green floral print on the front and matches a bigger one i found on another sale earlier this year. so excited! i love old dishes!
the blanket was cheap and i figure we can use it on isaac's bed or for a packing blanket next move (yeah, it was that cheap!)
the orange crates have old labels printed on the top. my plan is to use them upright as end tables in the basement or on their side stacked for a book case type of thing. we'll see.
all in all, i feel like we did good for $8.

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