Friday, December 10, 2010

it doesn't feel like a friday

i know that ever child is different, it just makes me smile to see how different sometimes...

Isaac loves all water. doesn't matter when or where or the temperature, he will play and splash and have a grand old time. he adores the rain and has recently discovered that if you eat snow it will melt into super cold water in his mouth.

i've come to realize Christian is a fair weather fan of water. bath time is fun. and washing his hands is a new and exciting thing, as long as the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. he doesn't like to drink water unless it is in aunt Alicia's orange camel-back water bottle (so you can guess what he's getting for christmas!).

tonight is our EDGE christmas party (EDGE stands for Every Day Giving Everything, it's our sunday school class made up of believers in many different stages of life. everyone is welcome and if you want more info on our info just email me). so i've been doing some baking and may have just ruined an experimental drunken apples crisp do to my impatience with an undetermined baking time. hope it tastes good and people aren't totally scared away by the deep brown topping.

as a side note, i've been excessively clumsy today. to the point where i'm hoping i don't end up in the ER before the party tonight. ok, so i'm being a bit dramatic. however, i did hit my head on a beam in our basement earlier and was sure i could feel it swelling as i sat on the stairs. it's been a painful day.

also, it's been a good day for being reminded of the precious joy that is my family. i'm no good at anniversaries of events that have happened over the years, but rather come to reflect on them at random times. today was one of those days.

i remembered how tiny Isaac looked at Childrens Hospital, hooked up to massive computers, monitors and other machines, awaiting heart surgery. at 2 weeks old i felt that i didn't hardly know him yet, and still couldn't imagine life without him.

i remembered how my husband looked after 4 rounds of chemo, rocking Christian who was less than a day old, so that i could get some sleep. he looked so tired and worn, we must have been quite the pair and i only wonder what the nurses thought.

being reminded of how frail people are makes you hold them all the more dear. and while i haven't been through a life threatening situation with Christian (and would please prefer to keep it that way, Heavenly Father...) i thank the Lord above for the way that He has protected all of us over the few years that we've been on this earth.

Praise the Lord, for He is good!!


  1. ..I thought exactly what Papa thought--Amen, Sister! Thanks for the encouraging word, it's so good to be thankful.

    ..and hope that bump on your head is better. ;)


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