Monday, December 20, 2010

cards for everyone!

so, i'm just going to say it. i hate buying cards. no, not playing cards. the kind of cards you give for gifts or events. they all seem to be so cheesy, or mushy, or tacky... and i hate standing in the store reading them, trying to find one that isn't a cheese ball, while 2 little boys grab handfuls of cards and try opening them not so gently to find, to their dismay, there is nothing inside but words. sigh...

so i've found a personal solution! this may not be for you, but it sure has been great for me.

custom cards, personally created, in less than 60 seconds!

see isn't that simple?

all it takes is a couple things to have on hand.

1. simple cards with no writing, inside or out, and envelopes.

i have both orange and blue cards.

2. alphabet stickers of your choice.

i liked these little bubble stickers because i love adding some texture.

the trick is to keep these 2 things together in a easy to remember and get to place. i keep mine in a plastic tote in my craft room, right next to all my gift wrapping items. that way when i go in there to package up all the pretties, i can grab a card with it while i'm thinking about it.

and because you have a whole alphabet at your disposal, you can write what you want. :)

i usually stick with simple words that aren't your typical "congratulations"

example: for our friend Jacob's graduation party, i did the word "hooray"

for baby showers you can say "giggle" or "cutie"

the options are endless. and so easy!

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