Thursday, November 11, 2010

using the goo!

as of today it has been a week since i started my sour dough starter and so i gave it a go! i decided to try pancakes (cuz they seemed to be super easy!) and english muffins because i love sour dough english muffins. i also tried using my cast iron pan for the first time after finding this post about caring for your cast iron pans. just what i needed considering i bought this pan off a garage sale back in July or August. anyway...

my beautiful pan, seasoned and ready to go!

last night i seasoned my pan, mixed some of my starter with flour & water (so that i would have enough starter for pancakes in the morning), and stirred up the first part of the english muffin dough so that it would have plenty of time to sour. :)

starter for the pancakes. looks gross but smelled like yeast.

this morning the pancakes were amazing! so good that my husband, who normally tops pancakes with enough jam, peanut butter & syrup to drown a horse, decided that a little butter was all they needed. i almost fell over in shock! ok, not really. (sorry, no pancake pictures. i was to busy cooking & hubby was to busy eating)

about mid morning i finished mixing up the english muffins by kneaded & cooked them. next time i will use more flour. i had a wet dough, so after i browned them in my skillet i still needed to bake them for a little bit. that being said, i will be making these over and over and over again because they are AMAZING!!

the wonderful sourdough english muffins!

all through my cooking and cleaning up, Isaac was pretty good. his imagination is huge lately and he can play by himself for big chunks of time, which makes life a little easier on mommy. this morning he had his trucks all lined up facing him while he sang "inright, outright, upright, downright, happy all the time" faster and faster until he was just jumping & singing gibberish.

Christian was not so agreeable this morning. probably has to do with the 3 teeth that he just cut in the last day or so. poor guy. :(

all in all, i'm having a lot of fun with trying different cooking things. i feel like it's a way for me to use my creative juices, but i'm still filling a need and taking care of my family. i mean, i love to sew, but we do have enough clothes to wear. and i love to draw and paint, but that means i have to be willing to share what i'm working on with the little men that are at my heals. but my family has to eat!

what's next, maybe making my own cheese? hmmm.... ;)


  1. it all looks so yummy... I'll be over for cooking lessons next week. =)

  2. Start with making cream cheese, it is so easy and you will have left over whey to ferment other stuff.


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