Wednesday, August 4, 2010

couple of random thoughts...

so i really like to update my facebook status. i love getting a little note out there about how my day is going or thoughts that come up in my brain. but lately some of my random notes are just a little to long for a status update, so here's some of what i've been thinking...

- i have a newfound love for avachados. i've always been ok with them, but lately, i am totally digging them on sandwiches, mexican food, toast, salads, everything! i wonder if i could grow my own avachado tree???

- i have made a discovery. i really like to cook, but i really dislike my kitchen (bad lay out, small fridge, electric stove, very little counter space, lack of storage). as a result, i've been a very lazy cook lately. i do, however, realize that a cooking strike will not change anything and am seriously praying about my attitude & persiveriance in the kitchen.

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