Tuesday, July 20, 2010

catch up again...

i realized that i haven't posted in a long time. sad. but that's what happens when you have 2 kiddo's and a dozen other things that take priority over blogging. sorry, but it's just a fact.

so what's up with us?

-Nick works for USPI here in Lincoln and has been totally enjoying his job. the men that he works with are great and he's loving the way he's busy with his hands.

-Isaac is a ball of fun and trouble, which keeps life interesting. he's gaining a big intrest in various sports and would love to spend all of his time playing with his basketball or soccer ball or attempting to play baseball.

-Christian is picking up lots of sign language and does pretty well communicating what he wants either by signing or pointing and nodding his head. :) such a cutie. he loves to go for bike rides (i recently got a trailer off craigslist) and will sing long notes just to hear how it sounds as we ride over the bumps.

-i have been getting back into sewing (now that the basement is little boy proofed) and trying to find the motivation to decorate our little duplex (i find it difficult to decorate something we are renting because in a year or 2 i will be boxing it all back up and having to start completely over again)

-we are in VBS this week at church and loving it! it's fun to have Isaac involved with things that are a little bit structured with things like music and crafts and Bible lessons, rather than just playing all the time.

-i have started a 2nd blog. i know, i don't do much on this one. but i wanted a place that is separate to put some things that God has been laying on my heart. it's designed for my sisters in Christ (because it's not my place to instruct the men) and contains verses, thoughts and some very blunt questions that are to be answered between you and the Lord. if you want to check it out... http://www.answerhonestly.blogspot.com/

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