Tuesday, June 8, 2010

stuck in Nevada

so on the day we left for Nebraska, we encountered a little car trouble. ok, a big car trouble. don't ask me, ask Jared because i don't remember. anyway, so me, Jared, & the boys were stuck in Cedar City, Utah for the rest of the day until my amazing friends, Angie & Dawn, came and rescued us and brought us back to Las Vegas. Jared flew home so that he could get back to work and Nicholas flew here so that he could drive back with me once the car is fixed. so we have been crashing at Eric & Amanda's house. not what we had in mind, but still enjoying where God has put us for the time being. our days have been spent watching movies, swimming, hanging out with friends, & coloring.
lunch time!

dirty little hands

he was unstoppable with this little tube.

taking a break

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