Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i'll talk/type fast...

... since i still have a lot to do before friday. yes, friday. that's our moving day. so fast.

you say, "wait, what's going on?!!" so i'll fill you in really quick.

Most of you know, Nick was let go from his job with Penta about 2 months ago. kind of saw it coming with the way the construction industry is here in the vegas valley. so, after much prayer and interviews, God shut many doors and gave us clear direction to the next step. we are now moving back to Lincoln, Nebraska where Nick will be working for USPI (US like united states, Petrol... i'm not sure what it stands for, but they make filters, oil, ammonia, that kind of thing).

we move out of our house in Vegas on friday and our wonderful friends Jason & Amber (and their 4 adorable little girls) will be renting from us. this has been a huge answer to prayer since there are a handful of other houses just down the street that are foreclosures or short sales and that really takes a hit on our house value. it's so fun to see God using this house to bless his children even when he takes us somewhere else.

we will be living in a little duplex in the middle of Lincoln for the next year. it will be a little bit of a downsize and sharing a wall with a neighbor, but will help us get all our ducks in a row until we can afford another house.

we are very happy to be moving closer to family and many friends we haven't spent much time with in the last 2 years, but very heartbroken over leaving so many friends who have become our family here in the valley.

sometimes God reminds us that the things He gives us (like houses) are just things, and we never know when He will ask them from us and use them to bless someone else. sometimes God reminds us that the fellowship with other believers might be short here, but we have an eternity to spend together in His presence, praising Him together in a way that's not possible here.

life is hard, but God is good... all the time.

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  1. Looking forward to you being back here, thankful for your Christian family in NV, and praising God for how you both have trusted God through the journey He has had you walk through.


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