Thursday, May 20, 2010

home again, for now...

i know it's been while since i've posted. partly because we've been on the go a lot and partly because there is really nothing to say.

We just got home from Nebraska, where once again Nicholas went though the cycle of interviewing and calling and praying. God has closed some doors and opened one so far, so we are praying very hard that He directs us on what He wants from us and that we aren't just picking the easy answer.

i could write about our trip and the fun we had seeing family and friends and spending time in the part of the country we love the most. but those are my momories, not yours, so i'm sure you won't get near the enjoyment out of them that i do. so while i might share some with you while we chat face to face, i feel no need to put them up here in cyber space. :) sorry, maybe i'm just being lazy.

instead, i would like to share some little tib bits that have been on my mind as of late.

"when you are seeking the Lords will and believe you have found it, don't doubt it!"
- Cory McGrew told me this when the Lord showed us that He wanted us in Henderson NV. those words have stuck with me the whole 2 years we've been here and now gives me more encouragement than ever.

while the computer can be a wonderful blessing and help, it can also be a hinderance. it steals my time away from my family and home, it forces my attention towards things that are of no real value (like expencive home furnishings and personal vanity).

laundry and cleaning are a never ending chore that aren't so important that they can't wait when things of eternal value are imminant. but all in all, getting them done quickly sure makes life easier (i have to remind myself of this often).

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