Saturday, April 24, 2010

weekend without dad

so while Nick is away (he's in NE doing some interviews) me and my little boys play! and we had to come up with some fun things since Isaac thought that he needed to go with Daddy to "work" and was very sad when he couldn't.

Yesterday, Isaac and I went to the movies. yep, his first time seeing a movie in the theater! we had a blast. it was the small cheap theater here in Henderson, but that was more than amazing to him. plus popcorn and teddy grahms? yep, it made his day. we saw "How to Train Your Dragon". Isaac and i both liked it and while i wasn't sure how he would react (especially with everything so big and sitting in a dark room) he did so well. only in the middle did he become concerned when the boy's dragon and another dragon started to fight. but i told him they were wrestling and that made him giggle. all throughout the movie he commented on things he saw, getting excited and squealing with joy when something made him happy. i'm glad there were only about a half dozen people there and most of them were other kids doing the same thing. and then during the climax he got distracted with the "ABC's" in the back (the glowing exit sign). in fact, the only hard part was dropping Christian off at my friend Angie's house. Isaac got very upset that Christian wasn't coming with us and as soon as the movie ended he looked and me and asked, "go get Christian?" i'm glad he loves his brother so much.

Today, we headed to Eric and Amanda's house for their official house warming party (even though we've been there many times already). there was tons of food and lot's of people we love to play and talk with.

he's showing off his chalk covered hands, but the picture doesn't really pick up on how incredibly dirty they really were.

keeping busy has made it a little easier with Daddy not being here, but we are ready for him to come home.


  1. Aw, love the pic! Missing you guys!! The movie date sounds like fun...and I love your sewing and cooking experiments. Sounds like fun. I'm comtemplating homemade ties for the boys but am probably waiting on that one... ;) It was great to see Nick but made me miss you and your little peanuts. Sending hugs!!

  2. From Andy: would love to get a brief update on how the interviews/visits went on Friday! I was only able to chat with Nick very briefly Sunday so didn't hear how it all went....we're praying for wisdom for you!


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